Code of Rules

Code of Rules of the Golf Club GDSAP



In accordance with the Act No. 83/1990 Coll., on public associations; players and supporters of golf decided to create a sports golf club to meet their needs and interests in sports activities while respecting all the rules of Czech Golf Federation and principles of sport competitions and of the fair play.

Article I
Name, location and character

Title: Golf Driving Sarka Prague, a public association, (hereinafter “GDSAP” or “club”)
Administrative seat: Kaštanová 207, Hostivice 253 01

Article II
Core Activities

  1. The GDSAP is a public association formed under the Act. No. 83/1990 Coll., on public associations, as amended, and develops its activities in accordance with this Act and applicable laws and regulations. The GDSAP is formed for an indefinite period.
  2. Further details on activities of the GDSAP are provided in the internal organizational structure.
  3. The objective of the club is to provide sports and social activities for all its members. For this purpose, the GDSAP eventually performs economic activities.
  4. The GDSAP acts as golf sport club in line with all international, national and regional regulations.

Article III
Membership in the GDSAP

    1. The membership in the GDSAP is voluntary. Any Czech or foreign citizen or legal person who participates in the development of the GDSAP and agrees with the Code of Rules of the GDSAP can become a member.
    2. The GDSAP members are classified as follows:
      1. Founding members – members of the preparatory committee who initially signed the notice for registration of the Association;
      2. Regular members – members over eighteen years, members for an indefinite period;
      3. Young members – members under eighteen years, members for an indefinite period. Reaching the adult age, a young member automatically becomes a full member with all rights and obligations;
      4. Temporary members – members for a specified period of a calendar year;
      5. Honorary members – members with a particular contribution to the development and the popularity of the GDSAP, named upon the decision of the General Assembly.
    3. The membership in the GDSAP is an individual decision of the Executive Board based on a written application, delivered to the office of the GDSAP (or under the form of the electronic application available on the official GDSAP website), and based on a received payment of the membership fee.  The amount of the fee is determined by the Executive Board for a period of one calendar year. The application must be signed by a legal representative for applicants under eighteen years and by a statutory representative for legal persons. The membership for indefinite period is transferable to another person (subject to the approval of the Executive Board), and becomes effective based on a written notice. A member with a transferred membership accepts all rights and obligations of the member club. The Executive Board registers such changes.
    4. The Executive Board of the GDSAP has the right to refuse an application of a physical or legal person without a reason.
    5. Once the application approved by the decision of the Executive Board, the applicant is required to pay the appropriate membership fees within 14 days. The applicant becomes a member of the club after the receipt of the full payment.
    6. The GDSAP members have following rights:
      1. to participate in club activities and to use its facilities
      2. to communicate with the authorities of the club about their ideas, suggestions and complaints.
    7. In addition to the rights above, founding and regular members have a right to elect and be elected to the bodies of the club.
    8. The GDSAP members have following duties:
      1. to protect the property of the club and to maintain it;
      2. to pay properly and timely the annual membership fees and other contributions and fees;
      3. to comply with principles and rules of GDSAP, respect and fulfill the decisions taken by the authorities of the GDSAP
      4. to respect interests of the club, to seek its good name and to aim for the best results by playing fair.
    9. The membership in GDSAP is terminated:
      1. with the expiry of the annual membership period for (latest 31.03 of the following year);
      2. based on an agreement concluded between the GDSAP and the member;
      3. when the member leaves the club;
      4. when the member is excluded from the club;
      5. by death of the member;
      6. by termination of the club;
      7. by termination of the legal person being a member of the GDSAP, or by the bankruptcy or liquidation procedures of a legal entity being member of the GDSAP.
    1. The termination of membership means clearing the member from the GDSAP evidence and from the corresponding evidence of the Czech Golf Federation. The termination of membership does not entitle the member to claim any financial or other compensation.


  1. inancial and other obligations of a member to GDSAP remain unchanged after the termination of membership.
  2. A member may leave GDSAP at any time based on a written notice, delivered in writing to the Executive Board. Annual membership fees will be published on the GDSAP web site no later than on March 15th of the current year.
  3. The Executive Board may decide to exclude a member in case he acts against the rules and principles of the GDSAP. An expelled member may appeal to the Auditor of GDSAP within 15 days after the decision of the Executive Board.
  4. Members´ rights and obligations may also be regulated by internal rules and guidelines of the GDSAP approved by the Executive Board, but not in conflict with this Code of Rules and the applicable law.


Article IV
GDSAP authorities

GDSAP establishes following authorities:

  1. General Assembly
  2. Executive Board
  3. Auditor

Article V
The General Assembly

  1. The General Assembly is the supreme body of the GDSAP .
  2. The General Assembly meets at least once a year or at any time if required by the GDSAP, or if requested by a founding member or by at least one third of regular members of the club or by the Auditor.
  3. The General Assembly meeting date must be published on the GDSAP website at least 15 days prior to the meeting, including the program. If the General Assembly meets on request of a founding member or at least one third of regular members of the club or the auditor, these parties are required to enclose the meeting agenda with their request.
  4. All members of the club have the right to attend the General Assembly meeting, with the exception of temporary members. Young members must be represented by their legal representatives. Solely founding, regular and honorary members possess the right to speak and make proposals to the General Assembly.
  5. The right to vote at a General Assembly for the founding and regular members is as follows:
    1. a founding member has a vote equivalent to 100 (one hundred) votes ;
    2. a regular member has a vote equivalent to 1 (one) vote.


  6. The General Assembly has a quorum if attended by GDSAP members possessing a majority of votes.
  7. If the General Assembly does not have a quorum as specified in the preceding paragraph within the specified time, a substitute meeting of the General Assembly may start half an hour later without a previous notice. Under this circumstance, the General Assembly has a quorum regardless the conditions of paragraph 6 of this Article and may decide and adopt decisions referring only to the points announced in the agenda of the meeting, with the exception of amendments to the Code of Rules or the election or removal of Directors of the Board.
  8. Decisions can be adopted based on the majority of present votes of the General Assembly. Voting takes place by acclamation.
  9. The General Assembly is chaired by the Chairman of the Board or designated Board member.
  10. The General Assembly:
    1. approves the Code of Rules of the club and its changes;
    2. approves the draft of the budget submitted by the Executive Board for the current calendar year and the report on the operations and activities of the club
    3. elects and dismisses the members of the Executive Board and the Auditor ;
    4. approves the proposal of the Executive Board on remuneration of members of the Executive Board and the auditor
    5. decides on the dissolution of GDSAP a on the way to dispose its property;
    6. approves honorary members upon a proposal of the Executive Board.
  11. Decisions of the General Assembly are recorded in writing in the form of minutes of the General Assembly, archived at the seat of GDSAP. Each member of GDSAP has the right to inspect these records. Minutes are distributed within 7 days after the meeting and signed by the Chairman or by a Board member in charge of the meeting and by the secretary.

Article VI
The Executive Board

  1. The Executive Board is the executive body of the GDSAP, which manages core activities of the GDSAP and acts on its behalf. The Executive Board is obliged to ensure the all activities in accordance with the Code of Rules and internal rules and decisions of the General Assembly. It is subordinate to the General Assembly.
  2. The Executive Board consists of three to five members elected by the General Assembly. A member can only be elected from a founding and regular members. The Executive Board is elected for a term of 3 years. Re-election of Board members is possible. In case that the membership of any member ceases during the term, the Executive Board establishes a new co-opted member from founding or regular members. The co-opted member of the Executive Board must be confirmed by next General Assembly meeting of the members to or the General Assembly must choose a new one. The first Executive Board is composed of members of the Preparatory Committee of the club.
  3. The Executive Board decides on all matters on which the General Assembly does not act, and is mainly entitled to:
    1. convene the General Assembly;
    2. exercise decisions of the General Assembly;
    3. submit a budget proposal to the General Assembly ;
    4. decide on the structure of the main activities of GDSAP ;
    5. decide on the admission and exclusion of a member and an agreement under Article III;
    6. co-opt members of the Executive Board;
    7. elect the President of the Board from its members;
    8. decide about the type and amount of all kinds of members’ contributions;
    9. submit the proposals for honorary membership to the General Assembly
    10. establish internal regulations and rules of the club
    11. establish an internal directive of the GDSAP for election or appointment of other functions or bodies, including the President of GDSAP (the President GDSAP can be simultaneously appointed as a board member).
  4. A Board membership is terminated:
    1. with the expiry of the term;
    2. if the member of the Board is dismissed from office;
    3. if the member of the Board resigns on his function,
    4. if the member terminates his membership in GDSAP;
      by death.

    The resignation must be delivered to the President of the Executive Board; the function expires with the election of a new member, but not later than two months from the receipt of the notice.

  5. Meetings of the board are initiated by the Chairman of the Board or by a member of the Board in form of a written notice, including the agenda (can be sent by electronic mail) no shorter than seven days before the date and at least 3 times a year. If all board members agree, it is possible to shorten this period.
  6. The Chairman of the Board calls for an extraordinary meeting of the Board whenever requested by a member of the Board or the Auditor. The Chairman of the Board receives a written reason for the meeting and the agenda of the meeting no shorter than 7 days before the date.
  7. The Executive Board may invite members of other GDSAP bodies, if established, its employees, other club members or any other person to its meetings.
  8. In urgent cases with no possibility of postponing, the Chairman of the Executive Board proposes a postal vote on the proposed decisions per rollam (via fax, e-channels or SMS) with the consent of all its members. Votes per rollam are considered as present. Decisions adopted outside meetings are taken in account and recorded in the minutes in the following meeting of the Board.
  9. The Executive Board has a quorum with the presence of the majority of all its members. The Executive Board adopts its decisions by majority of votes of the present members. In the event of a tie, the vote of the Chairman overrules.
  10. The Board meeting is chaired by the Chairman of the Board or, in his absence, by an appointed member of the Executive Board. All adopted decisions will be recorded in minutes, archived at the seat of the GDSAP. Minutes are distributed within 7 days from the date of the meeting and signed by the Chairman or presiding member and the secretary.

Article VII
The Auditor

  1. The Auditor is an auditing and inspecting body of the GDSAP. Its activities are in accordance with the Code of Rules, the GDSAP internal rules, regulations and decisions of the General Assembly. The Auditor is elected and dismissed by the General Assembly and reports to the General Assembly. The re-election of the Auditor is possible. The Auditor is a physical person from the founding or regular members of the club. The Auditor is elected for a term of 3 years.
  2. The Auditor supervises all activities and financial management (in compliance with Code of Rules and internal regulations) of the GDSAP and its bodies. His role is to review accounting records and supporting documents.
  3. The Auditor is the superior authority in cases where the Code of Rules and the internal regulations of GDSAP require. It resolves filed appeals of member, charged of the violation of his membership obligations.
  4. The Auditor proposes his decision on the appeal and following action to the General Assembly.
  5. The function of the Auditor terminates:
    1. with the expiry of the term;
    2. if dismissed from office;
    3. if the Auditor is resigns on his function;
    4. if the Auditor terminates his membership in the GDSAP;
    5. by death.

    Auditor’s resignation is delivered in writing to the President of the Executive Board and the function in this case expires after the vote of a new Auditor, no later than three months from the receipt of the notice.

Article VIII
Representation and signature rights for the GDSAP

  1. All Board members act individually on behalf of GDSAP.
  2. Signatures are only valid if authorized persons attach their personal signatures to a printed or written name of the GDSAP in documents.
  3. The Executive Board may authorize another individual, member or non-member, with a written power of attorney to sign and act on behalf of the GDSAP.

Article IX
Property of the GDSAP

  1. All physical or intellectual property and laws gained by GDSAP throughout its duration is the property of the GDSAP.
  2. The property of the GDSAP is created by financial, material or intellectual property, consisting in particular of:
    1. membership fees;
    2. voluntary contributions and donations;
    3. other income;
    4. and other rights on properties.

Article X
Financial management of the GDSAP

  1. The club operates as a legal entity according to its budget and responsibility for their commitments. Its liability is limited to the value of its property. The GDSAP conforms to its tax and financial fees obligations.
  2. The GDSAP has no initial assets.
  3. The financial management of the GDSAP is in line with an approved budget for the relevant period. The financial management of the GDSAP is based primarily on the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness.
  4. The reporting period is the calendar year.

Article XI
Settlement of disputes between members of the GDSAP.

Any dispute between members is resolved by the Executive Board, usually on the basis of a written complaint.

Article XII
Special arrangements

The GDSAP deals with personal data of its members in accordance with the Act 101/2000 Coll, as amended. Club members allow the GDSAP to use their name, surname and date of birth for the evidence of the Czech Golf Federation clubs or other sports organizations that the GDSAP become a member of, during the period of the valid membership status.

Article XIII
Termination of the GDSAP

  1. The termination of the GDSAP may occur:
    1. in case of a voluntary dissolution based on a decision of the members at the General Assembly;
    2. in case of a decision of a superior public authority within a valid legislative framework.
  2. The terminatin of the GDSAP based on its members’ decision will happen in particular:
    1. if economic conditions do not allow further funding of the club activities;
    2. if the number of club members falls below such number that it becomes impossible to operate sports activities.